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Cyclops red rework

"I'm useful"
-cyclops red

Ability based on rank 3 six stars
Limited control over energy grants 2000 energy resistance

When attacking into the block
Cyclops can crit through block and gains 900 additional crit rate when attacking into the block

Final medium
100% chance to power drain 2 bars of power and become unlockable for 2 seconds, cooldown 45 seconds
If cyclops throws a medium within the time limit he is inflicted with a degen dealing 10% of health over 3 seconds

Final light
Inflict a power lock for 5 seconds, cool down 30 seconds
If cyclops throws a light attack within the cool down he is inflicted with a degen dealing 10% of his max health over 3 seconds

Refresh any power conductor debuffs

Unlimited power
Every 7 seconds cyclops gain a prowess granting 10% special attack beam damage. For each prowess cyclops gains prowess 0.3 seconds faster. Up to 50 prowess can be gained

grant 352 attack for the duration of the special then consume all prowess

Special 1
Inflict a power conductor debuff on the enemy for 30 seconds for each prowess on cyclops
Then instantly gain back 70% of all prowess consumed

Power conductor debuffs deal 10% of a beam attacks damage as energy damage

Gain unlockable 1 second per prowess consumed

Also inflicts a armor break reducing armor by 3200 for 30 seconds

Double all prowess

When one prowess is gained there is a 10% to 50% chance to gain another


  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 1,837 ★★★★★
    How does the final light/medium system work? First I thought you meant that you would gain those effects with a light or medium combo-ender, but I guess not since they have too long cooldowns for that.

    I think that up to 50 seconds of unblockable on SP2 would be a tad bit too OP. :)

    The Power Conductor debuff would also be quite long if it stayed up for 30 seconds for each prowess, and you could have up to 50 prowess. That's 25 minutes. :P
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    I like hitting through the block. I have an idea for a hawkeye. I’ll post it
  • Reecespieces101Reecespieces101 Posts: 221
    You do get them from the final attack part of the combo. He is meant to be used to end combos early instead
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