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5* Science rank up

Curious what others think.

The short version is, I could take 5* Captain America to rank 4. Or I could take 5* Yellowjacket to rank 3.

Or I could hold the resources and wait for a better 5* Science champ.

As for where I’m at in the game, I’m working on 100% completion for 5.2 and 5.3, also 4.4 and later in RttL.

Would either champ make a difference for end game content?


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    SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    Yellowjacket will do more for you generally speaking than Cap unless you need him to do something super specific.

    YJ is just a really good damage dealer.
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    DrchucklesDrchuckles Posts: 28
    My thinking on Cap goes several ways, particular to my team. First, I've got 5* Punisher 2099 and Cap has really good synergies with him. Second, I can put together perfect block teams with Ghostrider synergies to boost Cap's block if needed. Third, I've got a lot of the other pieces to put around Cap to build a crit team for my Scarlet Witch.

    On the other hand, I'm already getting those benefits at rank 3. The question is whether rank 4 adds anything, especially for end game.

    As for YJ, have you used him in end game? Any particular uses you can think of?
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    I'd probably wait until you pull a Hulk or Quake for offense or Spidey for defense. I have a 5* Cap too and I'd love someone to justify why to rank him but I really can't. That being said if Kabam reworks old champs as they said they would I wouldn't be surprised to see them hit Cap but who really knows if or when that will happen.

    As to cap, both the "block team" and "SW crit" teams are pretty outdated, and are really relics of a previous version of MCOC. Currently top tier champions have top tier damage and Cap is not a damage focused champ. In AWar you'll take a lot of damage from automatic damage, limbo, mephisto, etc, so having perfect block only gets you so far. The trick vs bosses is to do as much damage as possible before limbo or whatever kills you. SW isn't the stunlock beast she used to be and honestly the new content really wants you to use 5*s, even max 4*s are underpowered and lose a lot of power due to challenger rating. Which is to say building a team around a 4* is not really a viable strategy for endgame content. Probably the best use of Cap is for a path clearer in Act 5, I don't know that he'd be amazing at it but he seems like he could at least be viable at that. He's probably fine in AQ but honestly its probably better to bring someone with regen or immunity.

    YJ I think is just outclassed by better options. In AW he might be a mystic boss killer except he has the problem of going against Magik getting his power sting damage reversed by limbo which negates his usefulness considerably. He's not high enough damage to do LoL realistically. In AQ he has no regen or immunities. He can help in Act 5 questing but I wouldn't put him top tier.

    The only thing I don't really know much about is the Punisher synergy but I don't really see him used much in any endgame content so I don't know that the synergy is enough to make either champ top tier viable.
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    DrchucklesDrchuckles Posts: 28
    Wrongsword, thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful reply. I appreciate it.

    I agree with you about Hulk and Quake. I don't think I can go wrong holding on to resources in this case. As it happens, I have a 4* Quake, but I prefer to wait for the 5* version. (I recently ranked up 4* Magik to R5 only to pull the 5* a couple weeks later. Last time I do that.). I also have 5* Spidey, but he's not awakened, so not useful for defense yet.

    The Punisher 2099 synergy grants Cap 15% more attack any time the opponent is fatigued or stunned. You definitely notice the difference at rank 3, even if it's not a huge bonus.

    As for Punisher 2099, I had a dilemma a few months ago whether to R5 Vision or R3 5* Punisher. At the time, I ranked up Vision. Later I ranked up Punisher 2099, and I haven't regretted either decision since. I haven't seen any good threads discussing Punisher 2099's merits. Maybe I should start one? :smiley:
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