Re: Looking for a hardcore alliance

Looking for an alliance that is running 3 war groups at High G1/ P4 running at least all map 6 5 days that use discord. I'm just narrowly off TB and am a very skilled quake user as well as a fairly skilled player all round with 10,300 prestige as of this post. Please leave any suggestions to make this post better as I'm new to forums. Many thanks


  • Colem2220Colem2220 Posts: 42
    looking for 6x5 players 400+mil war optional 10.3k+ prestige line req you can hit me up in game or on line colem2220
  • KawqarKawqar Posts: 2
    Hey we run map666 aq all week
    We took a break from aw last two seasons, but starting this season we would be doing 3bgs of aw as well. So hoping to atleast reach gold 1 in aw. We are a very active alli with lot of fun and banter .
    My line id is peteriprashanth
    U can message me for any mor questions. Thank you.
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