AQ Focused Alliance LF 1 Member

We’re a relaxed, no drama, fun focused, adult alliance with a great core group of members who regularly communicate on LINE. One of our members is taking a break from the game, so we’ll have a spot open at the end of this AQ week. We have a good mix of veteran players and growing accounts who offer advice/help and shoot the breeze outside the game. We’re currently running 5/5/4 X 5 with 100% completion. We’d like to add a member who is able to handle Map 4+ and will regularly contribute to AQ. We occasionally do War for fun, but you don’t have to participate.

We all have jobs/kids/lives outside of MCOC. All we ask is that you contribute, be respectful, communicate, don’t freeload and HAVE FUN!

Hit me up in game or on LINE if you’re interested in joining - Tmick73



  • Tmick73Tmick73 Posts: 31
    Still looking for one member. Don’t hesitate to hit me up with any questions.
  • Tmick73Tmick73 Posts: 31
    I’ll buy beer for whoever joins our alliance and saves me from recruiting on global chat. Lol.
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