Long term alliance full of grown folks needs 2!

We been around since before you started playing.

We run map 6 and map 5.

We don’t care what your war rating is because the rewards are trash and we can get just as much other ways.

We are AQ focused.

We don’t care what size you are, if you’re not big enough yet, you will be. We’ll grow you if we have to.

My guys know this game. They are good at it. They are helpful. They like to share knowledge.

Interested, hit me up on Line or in game.
Same name for both.


  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 190
    Update: one spot is spoken for now. Still need a map 5 guy.
  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 1,688 ★★★★
    Any chance that you play war?
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 190
    Not like you would want. We do them occasionally but when we do, they are voluntary. We don’t participate in seasons. Just not worth it.
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 190
    These posts get buried so fast during the off days.
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 190
    One 5x5 spot left.
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