We might be what you are looking for!

We’re are pretty relaxed but quite active Silver 2 Alliance. No stress – but good rewards to constantly progress. …and a good welcoming environment for everyone.

Here a few stats:

Alliance Quest (AQ): 1 BG Map 2 + Master Modifier (No Locked Champions!)
1 BG Map 3 + Master Modifier
1 BG Map 4 + Epic Modifier
average 60 Mil Milestone = 2200 Glory per Cycle
Alliance War (AW) 2 BG (when Season) currently Silver 2
1 BG (off Season)

Average Member Rating: 527.472 (Conqueror and above)

Most Important: You can choose yourself what you want to do in the game & how much time you want to spend there.
Just be active, contribute to the alliance event milestones & join AQ or AW if you are interested in that.

If you decide to join AQ/AW, then help by clearing the paths in the attack phase as good as you can. Everyone pitches in to gain the best rewards we can.

We do have a LINE chat for exchanging information and asking for advice, but LINE is not mandatory.

Sounds interesting for you? We would be happy if you join us and find a new home with us.

Alliance tag: KR33!
Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
My IGN & Line-handle: Greyblue42
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