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Pot/revive ratios question

silentagsilentag Posts: 325 ★★
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When prepping for content like LOL, Abyss or now the gauntlet, for those of you who build up a stash of consumables, what is your rule for how many potions you save up versus the amount of revives you have saved up? Is there any kind of ratio to try to follow or a number you stick to?
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  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 1,777 ★★★★
    Revives I don't do cuz I need to spend energy on other things. I want to have 15 smol revives from daily events tho. Theres not really a ratio. For lvl 3 health pots I just go till I can't no mo. Having the option to heal is always a blessing.
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