Map 7 alliance seeking capable players looking for 10%T5CC

Contest of weirdos has a few open spots to fill in our map 7 alliance. We go after 10%T5CC so new members must be capable of handling map 7 with epic mods. AW is optional but organized with some members doing every war, some just for season rewards quota and some do none... thats up to you and what your time allows.

We are looking for members (solo or a group) that are 11K+ prestige, North American time zones and use LINE.

LINE captdeadp00l


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    Ary_BeastAry_Beast Posts: 134
    I’m interested.
    Add me on LINE - Zenfighter360
    Prestige 10k
    I have map 7 experience, and American time zone (NJ)
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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Sorry we are trying to keep prestige at 11k or above
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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Still looking
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