Pick 2 5-star champs to rank 5 and one champ to get generic AG

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Started new account several months ago after being locked out of old account. Explored act 5 today and am now turning my attention to completing 6.2-6.4, then going through the variants. I am close to having 4 tier5 basic catalysts. So I can rank 5 two five star champs or rank 2 a 6 star champ. I have a science class awakening gem in case I ever get void or CAIW.

My initial thought is to rank 5 archangel and to use a generic awakening gem on Hyperion and rank 5 him as well.

What are your thoughts? Better to save that generic in case I ever get Aegon?

I really want to make a run at thronebreaker soon but i only have one if the four horsemen of the abyss and am lacking so many important champs.

What’s my best strategy?


  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 134

  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 134
    Thanks fir the comment zeezee57. Actually, apocalypse IS rank 5 already. It’s just unawakened his rating is surprisingly low
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