Freezing during fights

I am literally down to 3 hit combos now during fights. When I throw 4 or 5 my champ completely freezes and takes hits. If your idea of ramping up difficulty is to make a champ motionless so much that it can’t even block that’s terrible.

The same problem persists in the face of an S1 S2 or heavy hit. My champ is glued to the floor if the opponent begins any of these moves. Funnily enough it is most present in AQ and AW. I asked you fix this **** a while back but you didn’t even acknowledge it was happening.

You really are taking the piss out of people and ignore them as you know this is happening and know you can fix it.

For months now this has been going on. Everything fails for that second just long enough to be on the receiving end of a combo or big hit.

Please can you shed some light on this I know I’m not the only person to mention it it was subject of other posts from people in here who said they notice it in their AQ.


  • My issue is when AI decides to do a combo and follow with heavy, i freeze and can’t move before heavy , I block the combo punches and am left to eat the heavy. Seems to happen when you have the AI pressed to the right wall and more with the generic female multi kick heavy.

    Whatever exploit fix and hotfix was put in place that addressed the freezing just needs to be all undone and rolled back to 12.0 and reprogrammed. The hotfix helped some of the issues but just created other bugs and freezes in the game
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 327 ★★
    Yep I see this occassionally in arena, quests and AQ/AW. It isn’t persistent for me but happens enough to be problematic especially in the tougher fights.
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