Who shall i upgrade now?

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Hello , so i got alot of good champs lately and my resources are a little bit low because i don’t play AQ anymore . Here is my current roster:

Currently im at 6.2.1 but i want to finish all act 6 this summer . So besides my 3 r5 who should i upgrade to have no trouble with the hardest bosses in act 6?

Who shall i upgrade now? 12 votes

5* R3 BWCV
CropDusterRenaxqqYodabolt21AJ007SirGamesBond 5 votes
5* R1 Quake
Kill_GreyEtjamaSwarmOfRavensSparx265HoitadoScrubhanjbxotiic 7 votes
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  • AlbertelAlbertel Posts: 19
    I messed ul the post …
    Other to rank up are:
    5* r1 Hyperion
    5* R1 Namor
    5* R1 Archangel

    I also have 2 generic AG so no problem awakening them plus about 100-150 sig stones
  • jbxotiicjbxotiic Posts: 110
    5* R1 Quake
    Im going to say quake cause she can do almost anything in the game.
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    5* R1 Quake
    Quake is the best option of the three.

    Get her playstyle down and she’ll do WONDERS for your account
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