Looking for a TRUE RETIREMENT ALLIANCE - Join Us and Chill

If you are looking for a break but still love the game and play it casually, come join us. The alliance is filled with semi-retired, seasoned players doing the bare minimum of AQ and AW but still play the game daily with regards to solo quests, champ building etc. Post-pandemic - most of the guys are too busy with work schedule picking up. Too much for competitive alliance-play but we didn't feel the need to drop the game completely.

If you wanna check us out, look for us
alliance tag: ĞӨM•E
alliance name: Enfuego
minimum prestige requirement: 9,000

We like to get back to doing a minimal of 2 BG AQ and AW on voluntary basis. The only requirement is that you have a minimum prestige of 9K.

You can contact our leader via LINE: jonarctargaryen


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    It's been a few weeks since our alliance switched to a retirement-type setup. We have a few leeches to remove. Currently looking to fill up a few opened spots. Interested players can contact me directly via LINE JonarcTargaryen

    We still run 2 BG AQ (Map 5) and 2 BG AW -- both on voluntary basis.
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    edited August 2021
    We're back in the fold of running up our alliance to be more active slowly. With that said, we are kicking a few deadbeats currently in the alliance that became too comfortable with our Retirement-style setup where they don't play for days.

    Same drill as the original post up top. We are looking for minimum 9K prestige players. We run two BG for AQ Map 5 and AW. Both on a voluntary basis. Interested players, contact leader via LINE: jonarctargaryen

    Current alliance prestige: 10,364
    All our current players are Cavaliers or Thronebreakers.
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