Looking for ally

Hello fellas.
Me looking for ally :)
Im looking for easy going ally. Not really interested in aw tbh. I dont like donations, so map3 in aq will be welcomed. Cant be active 24/7, but i will do my job in aq. My game nick is johnyx99, look at my rating and champs.
Thank you .


  • KeepOnMovinKeepOnMovin Posts: 63
    edited October 2017
    Hi sent you an invite (under grandmaheather) look at us. We are doing map 2 only need 1 more for map 3 right now. Slower than u are used to but still worth it to have fun in game yet
  • I've added you in game, we are easy going and only doing map 3/2 atm
  • Anyone else?
  • jcruz2133jcruz2133 Posts: 123
    check out -609-. we have our own dedicated chatroom on Line, doing AQ map 2, some war. It's all about learning how to play together and have fun doing it. If you ever want to get more serious, out Big Brother clan 6-0-9, is always an option if you reach the requirements to join the more serious branch of our clan. Add me on Line if interested LineID: jcruz2133
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