Earlier today, there was an issue where Summoners that logged on shortly after the Login Calendar switched over for the day didn't receive the Cosmic Ghost Rider login crystal. We've fixed the issue for players receiving the crystal now but will have to collect data and send out the crystal to all players that didn't receive it next week. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to making it right for you all.

Boss Simulator / Duel Target with Modifiable Nodes

I’d love to see a feature for fight simulations of the challenging bosses in game. Most Act 6 bosses pose a specific challenge or require a small subset of abilities. Having an opportunity to test out counters to these fights would be a great quality of life change for the player base.

Short of this option, I’d appreciate at least the ability to add a node to the duel targets. Something like “Do you bleed” or “Caltrops” again as a way to simulate the environment the summoner is preparing for.
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