Are you looking for a new Alliance? Well, you found it!

This is what we offer:

- A relaxed Alliance without Drama or Stress

- Understanding that there are “REAL LIFE – Obligations” // Therefore you decide how much and which parts of the game you play

- Good number of active and steady Core-Members

- AQ: 3 BGs with Modifiers (2xMap2/1xMap4) // average 60 Mil Milestone = 2200 Glory per Cycle

- AW: Silver 2 (2 BG during Season / 1 BG off Season)

- Good participation in Alliance Events (Shared Milestones)

- Line-Group-Chat (not mandatory) – used for Communication, Tipps and Fun

What you can contribute to our Alliance:

- Being active in AQ or AW or indirect with contributing to Alliance Events
You can choose one or all of the above!

Everyone pitches in to gain the best rewards that we can and we are constantly improving together.

Sounds interesting for you?

We would be happy if you join us and find a new home with us.

Alliance tag: KR33!
Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
My IGN & Line-handle: Greyblue42
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