Weekly or montly Solo Event

hi everyone, i think the game is missing something that reward the player by their account to always keep players to push further and it would feel way better to keep improving our roster, and i think a simple and good way to do that is adding a solo event that reward us by our personal rating or accomplishments in the game. The rewards dont need to be insane but have a good difference between a new player a end game player.
i think that would be easy to implant and update the rewards and give a good feeling of satisfaction for players more they expend their roster and give a reason to always keep expending over time
this could give any resources even more then 1 maybe some shards of each types plus adding new type of resources when u reach some ranks. no units to avoid people abusing from multiple account.
this would be like when u get uncollected , u get rewards for what u have done instead of asking u to rank over and over each time by making points into the events.
i think this solo event would bring every single other part of the game more an other reason to push even more. its quite simple but could have a HUGE impact on all aspect of the game for forever.
I hope u guys like this idea as i do , thanks for reading Jmclcae
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