Name Expiry for Abandoned Accounts

PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 918 ★★★★
I know that Kabam has, at some point, removed names from long abandoned player accounts and replaced them with hyphens.

I've had my eye on the name I've wanted for some time, the player who has it has a level 16 account and hasn't logged in for 625 days.

What is Kabam's actual policy on releasing names from abandoned accounts?


  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 1,430 ★★★★
    SALTS (smiled a little then stopped)

    Gave me a chuckle.
  • PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 2,338 ★★★★★
    I asked this a while back and got no reply from any mods. They should just wait a year and send an in game message and mail if it is linked to unused accounts. If people care enough, they will log in. Wait for 15 days and then delete those accounts. Kinda like what they do to unused accounts in other forums.
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