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The lack of communication on this is unacceptable. We keep asking for updates and we are getting nothing. There is plenty of information you can provide. Have you located the bug? Is this issue limited to just this AQ? Did it affect the scores of the previous AQ? Will there be a fix before the next AQ? The worst communication is no communication. At least provide us with something. Even if it’s just a “Rest assure, we are still working on the issue and are closer to finding a solution. We are looking to have an update or resolution by XX-XX-2017. Thank you for your patience” If your not going to provide us with information, provide us with reassurance.


  • Is there any update on this yet ? I'm sure we would all like to know.
  • I have reported this issue to Kabam and spent many emails going back and forth. Kabam finally responded that they have found the issue (So they admitted it was a problem) but they have never told us when they will correct the rewards that were given (Since they were for a lower tier and missing the 5* shards for the correct AW tier). Here is the message I received from them.


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Kabam Support, and we hope you’re doing well today. We understand that there were some concerns regarding you and your Alliance’s recent Alliance Quest Tier change.

    Thankfully, due to reports from players such as yourself, our team was able to identify the issue that caused some Alliance’s AQ Tier to change incorrectly. We apologize for the length of time it took to investigate, verify, and resolve this issue, as we know how important that Tier is to a lot of our community. While not all Alliances were affected, enough were affected that made this a serious concern and we wanted to be thorough in fixing this. This fix will be implemented prior to the next week of Alliance Quests.


    Kabam keeps closing my ticket after they send me this automated response and keeps ignoring the fact that the wrong AW rewards were issued. I keep re-opening tickets and getting the same response.

    Can someone from Kabam please review these cases (04468746, 04481078) and respond correctly rather than sending standardized answers saying you fixed the bug when you are addressing a completely different issue.

    Verry irritating when you spend money on a game and they cant even give you a correct answer to your support question.

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    We absolutely need to know something right now. My alliance hit all of the milestones early in day 2... we have no idea what they are doing to fix this, so we have no idea if we should continue to run map 5 or drop to a free map like 3.
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    So this forum is now getting filled with threads about this, maybe at some point it will get some attention.


    Will we get our rewards due?
    Will you refund our map cost and compensate our wasted time if not?
    Does the silence mean you are unable to fix a bug you created or that you just dont care?
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  • I think the silence means it doesn’t effect many people, certainly the responses I’ve had suggests this
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    Apparently they are hoping that people will stop asking if they never answer. New strategy is that it’s only an issue if you continue to acknowledge it.
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    It affects a top 15 expert alliance running 6x5 this week we want answers
  • Hi everyone -

    This has been said several times in the last few days: We update y'all when we have the information to do so with. We can't provide information we don't have. I understand this situation is frustrating, totally get that but it doesn't help by filling the forums with the same discussions over and over. I've merged together a few to give a response.

    We hope to have more information for you here soon, but until then please keep an eye on our discussion about the topic:

    I'll be closing this thread as we've covered this. I'm sorry we don't have more to provide in this current moment but know that there will be information given once it is within our hands.
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