4th of July is coming, is there going to be exciting offers this time too

Tony886Tony886 Posts: 628 ★★
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Like last year


  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 5,301 ★★★★★
    If you are TB most likely Yes
    If you are Cav hmm We hope
    Uncollected might get some good stuff
    Anything lower....
  • ChriissRChriissR Posts: 618 ★★★★

    jdeck59 said:

    Last year was July 3-6 and they gave a heads up two days prior. I am not too set on the deals starting tomorrow even if it is the weekend

    They have never given us a 2 day heads up on holiday weekend deals.
    Actually for the past 2 years, they do give us a heads up with also a notification in game saying "Spectacular deals are coming".
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,120 ★★★
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    The announcement is here, they'll start on the 2nd
  • jdeck59jdeck59 Posts: 961 ★★★★

    I see 5* shards!!
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,126 ★★★★★
    jdeck59 said:

    I see 5* shards!!

    For UC and below
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 2,486 ★★★★
    either uc players are getting shafted or everyone below uc are getting a massive bonus now that eberyone from lvl 5 to uc have access to the same deals .. thank god im TB now
  • _hbtygbty423__hbtygbty423_ Posts: 546 ★★
    im gonna pass this time and become cavalier for cyber weekend
  • Maltyo9Maltyo9 Posts: 270 ★★★

    im gonna pass this time and become cavalier for cyber weekend

    Not sure how close you are to Cav, but if you can get it before the sale is over, you'll get access to the Cav deals.
  • jdeck59jdeck59 Posts: 961 ★★★★
    You can become cav pretty easy in less than a year as long as you play regularly and are free to play. Don't get too hurt on the deals, I would save your units for clearing content as the side quest now give more than you need to become cav.
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