**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will not be adjusted.*
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

BG Looking

9 guys with an average prestige of 5k. Potentially looking for an alliance that runs 5x5 top 600. Has AW figured out with 150 diversity. We’re all tired of leading others and dealing with the bs mistakes. If you’re looking to drop your slackers and fill a BG with reliable players, hit me up with any questions you may have.
Line id: hansbrolo


  • GenidiaminGenidiamin Posts: 105
    A top 600 alliance gonna drop a whole BG? I don’t think they’d be top 600 if they had that many slackers but good luck regardless of the odds
  • BDOG78BDOG78 Posts: 46
    I have 3 spots open if your interested. Bdog78 on line app or in game
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