Looking for 1. 66777 epic 8% t5cc, plat 4 war. Asia timezone

Hi, 57 mil rating & 11,472 prestige Asian based alliance currently looking for 1 member before start of next AQ

AQ - 66777 epic mode (8% t5cc) top 250.
AW - plat 4 war
Prestige - 10.6k minimum
Preferably Asia (GMT +8) /Aus/BZ time zone or close to it
Mode of communication - Line

Hit me up: line id - hizzab


  • Ary_BeastAry_Beast Posts: 88
    Add me on LINE - Zenfighter360
    Prestige 10k
    I have map 7 and p3 war experience.
    All content except abyss completed.
  • Looking for 3 after AQ week ends. Hit me up
  • Looking for 1 more before start of AQ week. Hit me up!!
  • Need 1 before start of next AQ. Hit me up. Line id - hizzab
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 211
    We run all map 7 top 90. US based. Rest is the same as these guys. Hit me up on line app kaycg1!
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