Bishop varient 7 chap 3.1 needs to be removed

LuisBvvLuisBvv Posts: 144 ★★
I’m not spending units today revive against that garbage fight now. Kabam you guys are scammers for not preparing to remove bishop from any high level content before the buff update.


  • LuisBvvLuisBvv Posts: 144 ★★
    Now he gains prowess and incinerates you to death and retains his specials at the start of the fight leading to instant death
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 975 ★★★
    It doesn't seem to be any particularly tricky nodes on him so I don't see what they could change. Can't you just bring an incinerate immune champ or something? The possible counters I see are Angela, CGR, Captain Marvel Movie (at least when awakened), Human Torch and Silver Surfer. Quake probably works as well.

    I admittedly haven't tested the fight - not before buff, nor since - but it seems like it's just a fairly standard Bishop fight. You just can't crit him.
  • Passage500Passage500 Posts: 1
    I was trying to fully explore variant 6 contamination yesterday, the final chapter has a lane with bishop on it. I had no idea that was gonna be such a bs fight, I don't really grind arena nor do I spend too much money on the game and I had to drop about 400 - 500 units fighting him. In my humble opinion that is absolutely ridiculous and I am still beyond mad about it. I would start the fight post revives just to get instantly k.o'd by an sp2 or sp3 (or in some cases an unblockable sp1). I had about 1.6K units yesterday (somth I was very proud of lmao im bad at hoarding them) and now I have like 700, the loss wasn't entirely from bishop but he brought me to around 1K. Insane if you ask me.
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