general advice/experience on darkhawk sop

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you realy dont need to re parry. after a 4 hit combo just give it the slightest delay and dash back he is very likely to either straight medium attack or dash back (rarely throws sp1)
if he mediums be ready to parry. if you see him dash back you dash back till he mediums again and if you screw up(or he throws a sp1 out of nowhere) dash the first and last part of it and you will probably have enough charges to block it completely.
(requires 3 charges and for every sp you get 2 charges min)
to be honest after tthat mysterio this feels like an act 5 fight.

the chance is slim but it can still cost revivess but ıll much prefer fights like this, the only required mechanic of this fight is to have darkhawk not throwing that sp1; which is same for almost every champ;size of champs will have different effect.(smaller is better ,same as gwenmaster)
ı hope this helps anyone who is strugling but ı realy doubt that. mags and quake are top options for a long time and they totaly destroy this darkhawk.


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    this was more in mind for robots but nice options to addü will give ghost a go can be fun :D
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    Is parry off or is it just part of the fight?
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    What I did is I would go for a 4 hit combo, back off and hold block. Then he would dash in 100% of the time and I could backdraft him because the backdraft window on dark hawk is gargantuan. As long as you are using a medium or small champ just rinse and repeat this and it’s an easy solo with anyone
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