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Whats up with AQ

What’s up with AQ. Can’t get in at all. Just keeps showing continue when trying to enter.


  • totheendoftotheendof Posts: 26
    Game fully updated. No on in my alliance can get in.
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    Same thing. AQ isn’t letting anyone in.
  • CompEngEvFanCompEngEvFan Posts: 27
    Same. Click on continue and nothing happens.
  • Same thing with my aliance,noone can enter in aq
  • slimlowell420slimlowell420 Posts: 8
    My alliance can’t get in either. Super frustrating!!
  • angelocrtzangelocrtz Posts: 95
    same here, doesn't seem kabam has even acknowledge the issue yet
  • CaptainPunksterCaptainPunkster Posts: 11
    It happened in our alliance too, 2 people, who updated the game, weren't able to start. But a 3rd who didn't update was able to start it. Now we all could join.
  • totheendoftotheendof Posts: 26
    AQ now started in my alliance, one hour and fifty minutes late. What’s up with that Kabam?
    @Kabam Miike
  • KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 1,015 ★★★★
    This has happened in my alliance every day since the preset features were added.
  • 2.5 hours after trying to start the AQ, same issue. Have checked multiple times for updates, completely up to date.
  • No_oneukNo_oneuk Posts: 1,409 ★★★★★
    dunno what to say really
  • LeStMn92LeStMn92 Posts: 119
    Games cancelled, everyone gets the day off. Enjoy
    My alliance is having issues as well. Several of us have tried to start it and…nothing.
  • totheendoftotheendof Posts: 26
    Doing it again today. Go to get in and nothing happens just shows continue. Contacted support and they said: oh we know about the 15 minute problem.

    I tell them this isn’t the 15 minute problem and they ignore it.
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit
  • John_44John_44 Posts: 12
    I'm having the same problem it will not start AQ
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    Something really needs to be done. 3 hours in and no one can join AQ. We have guys going to sleep so they’ll end up even further behind on their lanes. One of our BGs finished with only minutes to spare this last round because of the same thing happening yesterday (and couldn’t do full exploration). At a minimum Kabam needs to put the timers to 30 min. There is just no way to make up all this lost time.
  • Cheffie79Cheffie79 Posts: 1
    No one in my alliance can open an AQ either, clicking on "continue" does nothing!
  • rock65xrock65x Posts: 20
    Same here, all 6 of my accounts. Click continue and nothing happens. App is fully updated. iPhone 11
  • Luke_422Luke_422 Posts: 1
    Same here can't join AQ. No one in my alliance can! Not good
  • JPeanutsJPeanuts Posts: 46
    Our Alliance is having the same issue
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 401 ★★
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 401 ★★
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit Nothing yet about this error? In my alliance I have 2 members without being able to play which ruins a quest by not being able to complete it. Image of one of them:
  • BenJGrimmBenJGrimm Posts: 13
    Still having this problem today. We're 5.5 hours in and no one has been able to enter AQ. Why is this being ignored?
  • BenJGrimmBenJGrimm Posts: 13
    Possible kludge to fix this: I changed our maps for the next day, and it immediately let me into AQ for today. It hadn't five minutes earlier. We've only got 3.5 hours today, so it's not going to do much good, but if this happens again today, at least I can try it again.
  • Leiva_darkLeiva_dark Posts: 401 ★★
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit We need a solution and an answer the quest was ruined by this error for many
  • ProfkillerProfkiller Posts: 1
    Have the same problem , couldn't participate in this AQ
  • CaptainPunksterCaptainPunkster Posts: 11
    Previously was able to start AQ with a member who didn't update the app. But now it's forcing update and can't start AQ.
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