Tigras neutralize not preventing Hercules buffs

FintechFintech Posts: 172 ★★
I took Tigra up against Cavalier EQ Hercules boss and noticed that Tigras neutralize does not stop his true sense buff nor his immortality buff. Hercules has nothing in his abilities that would indicate that neutralize wouldn't work on him, no increased ability accuracy or anything of the sort. Only thing that is even remotely close is his infuriate debuff which lowers the opponents offensive ability accuracy but that shouldn't affect neutralize itself, just the chance for it to trigger on Tigras succesful hits. I recorded the solo and you can see neutralize is active when Hercules used his sp1 and when he triggered immortality but neither of the buffs were prevented. If this isn't a bug but intentional i'd like to know what the explanation is and if it is a bug i'd like to get it fixed. Uploading the clip below


  • FintechFintech Posts: 172 ★★
  • FintechFintech Posts: 172 ★★
    I did some further testing, his strength and infuriate mechanics have no effect on it. Then i tested Mr Sinisters concussion which reduces ability accuracy by 100% and it did prevent his buffs from activating. Tested it with Black Widow Claire Voyant and her nullify worked as normal and her buff immunity did stop his buffs aswell so they should be coded as buffs correctly. Lastly i tested Mephistos soul imprisonment which works the same as Tigras neutralize by reducing the opponents buff ability accuracy by 100% and it also failed to prevent his buffs. At this point it's safe to assume Purgatorys neutralize will not work against him either so this issue affects Tigra, Mephisto and Purgatory. This may not seem like a big deal but if these abilities don't work against Hercules it could cause issues when we start seeing him elsewhere with additional nodes that give him buffs. With no fix or an explanation this will cause deaths and frustration to many players who enjoy these 3 champions in the future
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