War Progress tab improvements (more information requested)

It would be great if we could get the stats for the opposing Alliance in the War Progress tab instead of ??? I understand the need to keep some stats hidden but things like "BG Clears" can be found by checking each BG's base page or even easier by reading the War room chat. "Defenders Placed" can also be figured out if one wants to take the time to count them and the same can be said about "Attacker Kills" as well. Lastly, the "Explored" percentage is given for both Alliances on the small War Progress tab directly on the attack page but for some strange reason it is hidden on the more detailed War Progress page. Given the stats for all the categories I have mentioned can easily be found by some means or another there really is no justifiable reason for these things to remain hidden by ??? It only makes AW more work for us than it needs to be. Displaying these values will not give an advantage to either Alliance either so there is no downside to doing so.
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