Classic Ironman Rework Idea

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Warning: Ironman fan. This is a bit of a wank. Ideas could be used for any other champs/future champs. More like an idea dump than anything else, Ironman is just an example of someone who could use this buff.

High Base Attack

Low Base Health

High Base Armour and Crit resistance

High Base Crit Damage

Zero Base Crit Rate

Low block proficiency

Awakened Ability:

~Each analysis charge reduces the potency of damage over time effects inflicted on ironman and increases damage over time effects inflicted by ironman by a flat 16%-32%. (Cumulatively flat 48%-96% reduction in DOT on you and equal increase in the potency of your DOT.)

Landing a heavy attack/special attack:

~Infuriates the opponent, making the opponent more aggresive for 5 seconds. (like hercules)

Charging a heavy attack:

~Grants 1 precision passive (irrespective of the duration charged), granting the next attack landed by Ironman on the opponent a 100% chance to be critical. If this is a special attack, it applies to the entire special attack. (so all heavy attacks landed will be critical and will consume the precision passive, charging heavy and cancelling into specials will allow special attacks to be critical)

Analysis Charge:

~Max 3 charges:

~Last indefinitely untill consumed

~Each charge reduces the opponent's ability accuracy by a flat 50%.

~Consuming an analysis charge makes the next hit you land inflict shock, dealing 110% of the damage the hit deals over 2 seconds. (increases to 200% via awakened ability). So if you consume an analysis charge and the next attack you land is a special, the shock applies to the whole special.

Whenever power drained/burned/stolen for 1 bar of power or more or upon activating Special Attacks:

~Gain 2 Analysis Charges. (Punishes power draining attackers when placed on AW defense)

Intercepting the opponent:

~Gain 1 Analysis Charge. (Therefore gain 3 charges if intercepting with a special attack)

Ending a combo with a medium attack:

~Consumes 1 Analysis Charge to inflict a passive stun for 1 second. (creates an opening to heavy attack).

When struck/while blocking a hit (even well timed blocks):

~Consume all Analysis Charges to gain 1 armour up per analysis charge consumed. (Avoid unless you need an armour up)

Armour Up:

~Max 3 stacks.

~Each grants flat 15% armour rating and flat 15% critical resistance for 7 seconds.


~Drains 15% of the opponent's max power per analysis charge active at time of activation.


~Removes all armour up buffs and Inflicts 1 armour break reducing armour rating by flat 40% for 5 seconds per analysis charge active at time of activation.


~Consumes all analysis charges to activate Self-Repair, regenerating 8% max health per analysis charge active at time of activation. over 4 seconds.

Bonuses from Synergies:

1) Start with 1 analysis charge

2) Start with 1 analysis charge

3) Armour up buffs last 2 seconds longer.


~End combo with medium attack. Consume one analysis charge to activate stun. Land a heavy attack. It will crit. Shock is inflicted dealing damage based on heavy attack damage. Opponent is infuriated, intercept and repeat.

~Similarly when you are ready to throw a special, end combo with a medium attack. You consume a charge to stun. Heavy cancel into a special. It will crit. Shock is inflicted dealing damage based on special attack damage.

~Avoid parry/block becase it will consume all charges and turn them into armour ups.


~Meant to be used with suicides. Skilled players can avoid parry and can shut down the opponent's ability accuracy for the whole fight. You can regenerate off Willpower if awakened due to the reduction in DOT. Power control via SP1 and armour break off SP2. SP3 for emergency healing.


~Bit of a wet noodle against shock immune champs. Dies easily against opponent's who can nullify/ armour break.
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    Not bad but you kinda killed him with the heavy block unfriendliness and there's some rough parts that kinda need to be smoothed out and I mean like a lot.
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