We've got a couple of spots available. Essential details about the alliance:

- We use Line to communicate
- We're a P2 alliance (finished 30ish in P2 last season) playing wars in tier 2. It's a high level of competition and we can never guarantee that we'll stay there, but it's a realistic aim to make P2 next season as well.
- We run 3 BGs in War in Season. Out of season we run one and give people time to concentrate on single player content.
- We run 6x5 in AQ, and hit 425m per cycle.
- No event minimums, but we normally do pretty well in them because our members are very active on the whole. SA has been 1m+ pretty regularly recently.

In terms of what we need from you, we need you to have Line, be a team player and be active. You obviously have to have a strong enough roster to have good defensive options as well as having other champs available for AQ/AW. Virtually all of our members are Thronebreaker and have multiple r3 champs either for defense or attacking options. The alliance average is over 1.5m rating and 11.3k prestige, and you'll likely need something around that at least to meet the alliance demands in terms of defenders and champions you'll need to use in attack. That said, attitude, activity and skill matter more to us than rating or prestige, but you do need to have relevant war experience, which means either Tier 3/2/1 experience, or being very comfortable at Tier 4/5 and looking to take the step up.

We’re ambitious, organised and active as an alliance, but life comes first for all of us, so we have a relaxed edge. Basically, be active in War and AQ and communicate well, but otherwise play the game how you want. Most of our players are very active and constantly developing, but we have some higher rated players who have moved down from more intense and demanding alliances for a slower pace but still with decent rewards. We have several former P1/Master players, but have also had players join who found lower tiers relatively easy and have stepped up to our level. The alliance is extremely well organised and actively managed by the officers (some of whom have recent experience managing a P1 alliance), which is part of the reason why we've been so consistent in maintaining and progressing in war. Clearly some players are better than others, but everyone contributes and we do our best to ensure that we don't have members who are being carried by the rest of the alliance. We regularly beat alliances that are rated higher than us, and we do that because we're organised and get the basics right in terms of bringing counters for paths, communicating, and using items when we need to. We're basically looking for someone who can step in and be a part of that.

We're constantly looking to improve and regularly change and tweak things to suit how the alliance is growing. To give some context to that, we were a 4.5m Silver 1 alliance about two years ago and were a Gold 2 alliance 12 seasons ago, and now we've just hit P2 for the second time, so the desire to push on and improve is something that we have for the alliance as well as its members. It's a relaxed and supportive environment, with players often sharing tips and updating everyone in their progress, and one that we think helps to keep the game enjoyable (which, you know, it should be). Most of our members have been with us long term. We don't kick and recruit for the sake of it. We're a team, and we're run like one.

One proviso is that we have reached the point where playing constant wars at Tier 2 and doing AQ, which is demanding and some of our players in the past season or two have decided to take breaks. So new players do need to be aware of those demands, and that ultimately we are an alliance where you need to use items/boosts in war (you can't really play Tier 2 war without them), communicate well and play smart. The way war is now, we can afford very few deaths in war and nearly everyone needs to finish their paths without deaths. For some players that is just too stressful and too much of a demand, and we get that, but players who are thinking about joining need to be aware of it. I don't think anyone looking to join a Tier 2 alliance wouldn't realise that, but it's worth saying anyway.

If you’re interested add me on Line (crazyjamie84) and we can chat. We haven't needed to see gameplay videos in the past, but we've had some people join in the last couple of months who made themselves out to be much better than they are, so depending on how the conversation goes I may ask to see a video or two.
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