red goblin bugged? or am i missing something??

guys i have an unduped 6* red goblin. he is my only nice symbiote in my acc to complete summer of pain his abilities it states that his sp3 applies 7 random debuffs to the opponent. in this venom fight,as per the node, if venom has 6 or more debuffs and if knocked down, he purifies them and takes 500% of my attack as physical damage. but if I throw sp3 wth roblin, he isn't taking any damage "SOMETIMES" and I'm taking some 10k diret damage. can anyone explain whats just happening?


  • Sudhan_12345Sudhan_12345 Posts: 24
    50% of the time im taking damage and other 50% of the time he is taking damage. i cant understand y this is happening as his abilities states sp3 inflicts 7 debuffs at random. we all know 7>6 right? xD
  • Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 717 ★★★★
    One of the debuffs that RG can inflict is Power drain. Because of the "powerful" node, Venom is immune to power drain, so the debuff doesn't apply. If RG tries to apply more than 1 power drain, Venom only gets 5 debuffs, you take damage.
    Not a bug (but also not obvious)
  • Sudhan_12345Sudhan_12345 Posts: 24
    ohh okok thank u for clarifying sir. didnt care to read other nodes in that fight
  • WordunkenWordunken Posts: 180 ★★
    ı did it with red goblin too. pary before sp3 for 1 extra debuff so chances will be lower(go for fury). its one fight you can retry. and if he is duped (hopefully he is) go for sp2 with another fury buff. 6 armorbreaks and big dmg both with special and node dmg
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