Who should I rank up?

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I am going to start 6.2 soon. I have 5 stars NF and HT at rank 5. Gwenpool, Starky, Warlock, Sunspot and Havok at rank 4. Now I am at a crossroads on who to rank up: Warlock to Rank 5 or my Sorcerer Supreme to rank 4? Both are awakened. Sorcerer Supreme is going to be my main counter to 6.2 Champion boss unless I pull another counter before that. Who should I go with? Another thing to note is that Mystic is my second worst class, just a bit better than Cosmic.

Who should I rank up? 6 votes

UnsilentAssumedNameEtjamaScrubhanCangaceiro 5 votes
Sorcerer Supreme
Proman1 1 vote
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