NYCC Semi Finalist looking for a strong 250k+ player // 5x5 // 7mil

Alliance: Lionhearted

Standard **** here, folks. 7mil alliance. We do AQ 5x5. (Sometimes Map 6 on Day 1). Defender diversity in AW is 100% organized so we're dominating that, too.

We do all alliance events. Only one not mandatory is Arena -- although most of us grind that anyway so those shards are often obtained.

If you're active, communicate, and can'll fit right in.

Line / IGN: Tonic24k



  • WabziWabzi Posts: 31
    Line: Wabzii

    I'm 4200 pi, pi will jump once I dupe my r5 crossbones or any 3 of my 5* r3s.
    160k rated, been doing 5x5 since I was 70k rated.
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