Brainstorm a non-Marvel character in MCOC style

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If a non-Marvel character ever comes into the game, what would their abilities be like (obviously copyright issues would make this impossible so this is just for fun)
Similar to the champion suggestion thread, but for characters of any series/genre, go into details if you want
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    please enjoy this joking concept I made for giggles

    Concept #1: Pokimane
    All stats based on a Rank 5, Level 65 Champion

    Health: 27689
    Attack: 2780
    PI [Max Signature]: 11269

    Character Class: Mystic

    Basic Abilities: Subs, Degen, Power Gain, Nullify


    Doing certain actions give Pokimane subs:
    Light Attacks give Pokimane 10 Tier 1 subs.
    Medium Attacks give Pokimane 20 Tier 1 subs.
    Doing back-to-back mediums gives Pokimane an additional 20 Tier 1 subs.
    Heavy Attacks give Pokimane 2 Tier 1 subs for each second spent charging the Heavy, up to 10.

    Once Pokimane reaches 100 Subs, she converts them into 10 Tier 2 Subs. Upon reaching 100 Tier 2 Subs, she converts them into 10 Tier 3 Subs. When Pokimane reaches 100 Tier 3 subs, she gains +50% Combat Power Rate and Attack for the duration of the fight, and the next 5 fights. These effects can stack.

    If Pokimane has over 50 of any Tier Sub, Special Attacks nullify all buffs on the opponent.

    Being an internet celebrity, Pokimane is quite used to insults and other forms of harassment, sometimes the best way to fight fire is with fire. If Pokimane is inflicted with a Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap or Degeneration Debuff, she automatically purifies it and places a Degeneration Debuff on the opponent dealing 856.74 Degeneration Damage over 2 seconds. This ability has a 10 second cooldown, and is increased to 20 if the Debuff purified was Degeneration.

    Power Gain
    The first time in a fight that Pokimane gains a Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Sub, she gets a Power Gain Buff granting her a bar of power over 5 seconds.

    Special Attack 1: Twitch T*** - Pokimane employs her uWu powers to the fullest, dazing the opponent before coming in for a slap.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 1 Subs.
    Gain back 5% of the power consumed for each Buff nullified.
    Inflicts a Disorient Debuff on the opponent, reducing Enemy Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50% and lowers the opponent’s Block Proficiency by 50% for 12 seconds.

    Special Attack 2: Attack of the Simps - Pokimane calls on her followers and they bury the opponent under truckloads of money.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 2 Subs.
    This attack cannot be Evaded or Auto-Blocked.
    Paralyzes the opponent, stunning them for 7 seconds and reducing their Power and Regeneration rate by 80%

    Special Attack 3: Offline - Pokimane brings in the help of her fellow Offline TV members, and together they beat up the opponent.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 3 Subs.
    This attack gains +50% Attack Rating for each other Offline TV member on the team.
    100% to inflict Buff Immunity on the opponent, lasting 10 seconds. Decreased to 50% against Science Champions.

    Signature Ability - Drama Queen
    Nullifying hits deal a burst of 325.64-749.89 Energy Damage.

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Hey Boys - Unique Synergy
    Pokimane: Attack Rating is increased by 10% while the opponent has Buff Immunity.
    Emma Frost: Prowess cap is increased to 10 in Diamond Form.
    Black Widow (Deadly Origin): Widow’s Insight now caps at 70 stacks.

    Haters Gonna Hate - Unique Synergy
    Pokimane: Debuff Purification timer is reduced by 50%
    Mojo: Hater Buffs deal a burst of 567.89 Degeneration Damage upon expiry

    Friends Lvl. 3 - With Captain America
    All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating

    This actually doesn't look half bad
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    Character idea

    Rat (Avengers Endgame)

    The Rat can activate his “Button” ability by dashing back and holding block for 30 seconds. When he successfully does this the entire events of End-Game, starting from when Ant-Man is released, are played for the player but replaces Thanos with whoever you are fighting
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    What about aqua man, or Elongated man, or Deathsroke, or Red Tornado, etc.

    Oh wait

    Pulled these from the google search “dc characters marvel copied. There’s a lot lol
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    Riptide said:

    What about aqua man, or Elongated man, or Deathsroke, or Red Tornado, etc.

    Oh wait

    Pulled these from the google search “dc characters marvel copied. There’s a lot lol
    Namor came out before Aquaman
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    Sure I'll play this game

    Since its Sonics 35th anniversary and he seems to be making various cameos...

    Hyper Sonic- If Sonic has 50 rings, activate the prefight ability of the chaos emeralds to increase all damage by 1500, and doubles the time on any applied debuffs. Rings will decrease by 1 every second

    -Due to his speed, he is immune to the slow debuff and ability accuracy reduction.
    -35% to evade all incoming attacks.
    -Any hits on his attack has a 30% chance for Sonic to collect 1 ring.
    -If Sonic hits 1hp, he will lose 10 rings on every hit taken until he reach 0. If Sonic has 0 rings, he can then be KO'd

    Standing Still:
    -Standing still for 1.5 seconds will taunt the opponent for 10 seconds.

    Heavy attacks: Holding this will charge up a dash attack. Crit rating will increase by 1000 every second its being charged until released.

    SP1:You're too slow: Sonic will dash around the opponent with a flurry of attacks and has a 30% chance to stun for 3 seconds.
    SP2: Airstrike Cameo: Sonic will call for an airstrike from his buddy Tails. Will inflict Armor Break and Slow for 15 seconds.
    SP3: Sonic Speed: Using the Power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic will briefly turn into Hyper Sonic for a massive 7000 crit blast. If Sonic is already in Hyper mode due to the prefight, add 200 Crit rating for every ring Sonic has. All rings are spent after this attack, In which Sonic will turn back to normal.
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    The only thing worrying about the Pokimane design is it seems you’ve actually put quite a large amount of thought behind it lol

    Probably a tier 3 sub
    You're not?
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    Anakin Skywalker

    Class: Cosmic/mystic idk

    Prefight: Choose if you will enter the fight as The Chosen One, or Darth Vader.

    Basic attacks while TCO is active, grant no power, except for heavy atttacks, his first .
    While DV is active, inflict passive incinerate doing 16% of anakins basic attack value over 2 seconds

    Heavy attack in both TCO and DV form is a force push that concusses the opponent for 10 seconds. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.

    Special attack 1 while in TCO: Anakin does a strong lightsabre blow granting anakin 1% of his max power for ever 1% health the opponent has taken throughout the fight. this ability caps at 70%. The opponent is rooted in spot for 2 seconds after this attack (via the force) and anakin channels the force. If channeling stays active for the full 2 seconds anakin becomes calm and is immune to all debuffs, passive debuffs, and any ability accuracy modification. Calm is passive and stays active for 15 seconds.

    While in DV: Anakin attacks with a forcful lightsabre blow inflicting a passive incinerate on the opponent dealing 500% of his base attack over 2 seconds. The opponent is rooted to the ground via the force for 2 seconds after this attack and anakin channels the force. If channeling stays active for the full 2 seconds anakin enters rage. While in rage Anakins attacks deal 250% more damage. This passive stays active for 15 seconds.

    Special attack 2 while in TCO: Anakin throws his lightsabre at the opponent which is passively unblockable then rushes at them, pulling his lightsabre back through the opponent and body checks them down. This attack inflicts the opponent with a passive plasma debuff dealing 5% of anakins base attack per second for 40 seconds. Using another special two adds another plasma and refreshes both. While in TCO and the opponent is suffering from a plasma effect, Anakin gains +200% attack.

    While in DV: Anakin holds the opponent above the ground in a choke hold for 5 seconds. This is unblockable and has no range limit. (note, if you evade the first hit (which is anakin raising his hand) you don't have to worry about any of the other hits). After the Choke the opponent becomes passively disoriented, concussed, and slowed (disoriented due to lack kof blood to the brain, concussed due to the blunt force trauma, and slowed due to just recovering from being choked) for 15 seconds. While the opponent has at least one of these effects on them, Anakin DV is able to drain 15% of their base attack on each basic strike.

    Special Attack 3 while in TCO: Anakin gets hit by the opponent and loses it. He chokes them with the force and slams them against the wall. He crushes their body with the force and dashes at them (tis just a blur) impaling them with his lightsabre. They crumple, mauled, to the ground. After the special attack anakin becomes 'prime' darth vader. He is passively unstoppable and unblockable for 10 seconds.

    While in DV: Anakin finds himself in the force. The opponent rushes at him. With his eyes closed he dodges all the hits then launches a massive force push which sends them sprawling against the opposite wall. When exits the special three he takes 0 damage on blocked hits, can block unblockable attacks. All his hits grant 0 power to the opponent.

    Passive: While in DV Anakin cannot bleed due to being mostly robot, his suit cleanses any poisons from his system, and is immune to coldsnap, frostbite, and has 80% incinerate resistance.

    While in TCO Anakin takes 50% reduced damage from all sources, dot and otherwise.

    Awakened ability: every hit in anakins combo reduces opponents ability accuracy by 0.1%
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