Ever have one of those days?

Today is mine! The Parry nonsense cost me four really good players today. After I lost two to family emergencies. You know what, this is my week!

Ok, here it is.
-KOA- is an all adult, AQ alliance.
We do 5x5 at least until all this Parry **** gets sorted.
We are from all over so time zones don’t mean much.
We do our jobs and get our rewards.
We don’t do minimums because we don’t have to.
If you didn’t want to play, you wouldn’t be in
We all have kids, jobs, responsibilities. We play because we like to have fun with our friends.
We have been together for years. Long term alliance doesn’t cover it.
We are more like a family. Twenty of us have been together since the introduction of daredevil Netflix. Yeah, that long!

So yeah, I need 4 good map 5 runners. Maybe you’re tired of higher maps and want a break, maybe you’re still trying to grow your account. Either way, you might as well do it with good folks that are fun to play with.

Be adult, have Line and be a player. Nobody likes a freeloader. Haha

Find me on Line or in game Weezerkdi


  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 197
    Things to add, when we do war, it’s optional.

    You can pretty much do your own thing as long as you help your team with AQ.
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