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Mutant R3 suggestion

Hello Guys,

My mutant R5s are Omega Red, Colossus, Prof x, Archangel, Domino, Magneto, and Wolverine.

First Mutant T5 is waiting for rank someone up :smile:

P.S: I have Falcon and Cap. Marvel R3 already. It's not for being Thronebreaker.

Mutant R3 suggestion 2 votes

Cable [Unawakened (I have Apocalypse at 5*R3 atm)]
100% 2 votes
Magneto [Unawakened (I also have 5*R5)]
0% 0 votes
Domino [Unawakened. Rulk and Massacre are 5*r3 (I also have awakened 5*R5)
0% 0 votes
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