LF strong chilled alliance

Hey I'm lol 60 1m+ rating 10k+ prestige looking for a new alliance. I'm active but can't be on 24/7 so I'm looking for one around my level but laid back and not demanding too much. My last alliance was running map 5 AQ and were gold 3 in AW so hit me up here or in game if you are around that. I'm in Australia. Line ID is the same as my name.


  • TonRenzoTonRenzo Posts: 28
    edited July 2021
    Hi add me in line spider-ton. We do AW 2 bg optional silver 1. AQ we get about 220M. Chill alliance but we get it done without stress.

  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 202
    Looking for a couple of active players. We're the ideal alliance for good players looking for a reasonably balanced and fun environment. We're doing AQ map 555 x 5 with heroic modifiers (Score 225M+, glory rewards 4.2k+).

    Line app required. AW optional (Silver 2), though we're building towards higher tiers due to the updated war rewards. But we take care not to stress out our alliance mates.

    Alliance name: StarBrothers
    Contact in-game: Avenger A-1
    Line ID: avenger-a-1
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