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Where to invest future 5-star Mutant Sig Stones

StarlordisWickedStarlordisWicked Posts: 295
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Where to invest future 5-star Mutant Sig Stones 18 votes

Archangel 5/65 Sig 130
EtjamaThanos1149 2 votes
Colossus 5/65 Sig 120
zuffy_Sham_OakenshieldLBN1 4 votes
Namor 2/35 Sig 26
mmmbanyasMagrailothosMalreck04MoosetiptronicPHJfinUvoginxLunatiXxHrishikesh713Tostig32BuggyDClownJC10100 11 votes
Save for when Prof-X gets awakened
Scrubhan 1 vote
Save for another future mutant roll/awakening
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  • Thanos1149Thanos1149 Posts: 1,136 ★★★
    Archangel 5/65 Sig 130
    Oh damn I didn’t read AA’s sig level. Definitely Namor then.
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