My time in the Abyss: a first clear guide.

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So yesterday I decided to take the plunge into the Abyss and went for a completion run on the easy path. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I expected and I strongly encourage those who have some units and items saved up to go for it if they have the right champions. This guide will highlight how to deal with each fight based on my personal experience with them.

The Squad:
5* R5 Sig 200 Aegon
6* R3 unduped Doom
5* R5 Sig 40 Torch
5* R2 Heimdall
5* R4 Proxima for Aegon synergy (don't have nick)

The Stash:
5318 units
12 level 1 revives saved up, plus 5 team revives
362 free crystals
25 level 3 potions and 7 level 4 potions
Parry compensation that came yesterday (10 level 2 revives and 10 level 5 potions)
Lots of the 30 minute attack and health boosters, along with the 40 minute champion boosters

Journey to the Unit Collector (already forget how many revives spent per fight for a lot of these, sorry)

Thing was a bit of a pain to get Aegon ramped up on. Having to build your combo up while also paying attention to the rock stacks made it annoying since I would constantly loose abyss charges while trying to push him to a special with 15 stacks. Luckily the proxima synergy really helped with the emergency combo shield and I managed to get it going after 2-3 tries of ramping him up.

Omega was a solid improvement. Only real pain point is the class disadvantage node if you are using Aegon. 10% to evade and a **** ton of block penetration really didn't help me here. Aside from that, bait sp1 and watch your spores and it shouldn't be too terrible. Reached the 999 combo with Aegon here.

Quake was just really long. Quite a few stupid deaths due to her sp1 clipping me sometimes but honestly it isn't bad with Aegon. Nick can also work here due to the amount of bleeds that he has, if you don't want to use Aegon for some reason (you definitely should, just saying lol)

Medusa was insanely easy with Doom. Just spammed sp3 and managed to maintain permanent uptime on the 2 furies with some reparrying in between, before dumping a huge sp2 before she hit the final enrage. Got her down with one revive, easy times.

Mephisto was even easier with Torch. Throw on the pre fight and go bananas. Super quick solo.

CMM was crazy fun with doom since she takes ridiculous amounts of damage from doom's energy attacks. Spam sp1 to avoid taking the chunky energy damage and you'll be fine. Solo.

Ghost was easy with Aegon. A few stupid deaths since I forgot about the 10 hit power steal on some occasions, but nothing too crazy.

The struggle was real with this one.
In the first 85%, he kept triggering his armor ups, so I was not critting that much with Aegon. Made the fights ridiculously longer compared to the previous small bosses. However, his final 15% is a clown fiesta. The armor from the abyss node counts towards his passive power gain, so he will literally spam specials and let your charges deplete over time. Doesn't help that he has the same power steal node as ghost. Threw him straight to Sp3 on multiple occasions with Aegon. By far the second most expensive fight on the path, definitely made me a bit salty towards the end.

Joe wasn't bad, as Aegon easily shrugged off his depuffs. He can gain a lot of power rate and power flood buffs however so watch out for those and throw your sp3 to get rid of them if you need it. However he also rolled the regeneration on several occasions, which definitely helped inflate the revive tally by a fair bit. Another slugfest with Aegon.

Mordo was annoying since the abyss evade also triggers his astral evade, however he only evaded 3 times so I guess I got lucky lol. Used a mixture of doom and torch on this guy.

VTD was a slogfest with doom. Managed to nullify his regeneration on several occassions but it was a chore to get through with doom since he has almost 5.8 million. Not terribly hard, but incredibly boring since I was spamming sp3 the whole time.

Howard was a bit better. Spam heavies with Aegon to remove his indestructible, then go ham. Rinse and repeat. Didn't even trigger his awakened ability so no regen or thunderquack for me.

Hype and Champion were easy. Used strategy as the Medusa fight with Doom. One revive each.

Cyclops was fun. Went in blind with Aegon without practice and was able to get the parry timing down on both specials. Very fun and engaging fight that keeps you on your toes, just wish more fights in the abyss had this sort of mechanic that depends on player skill. Only real problem here was the class disadvantage with Aegon, but it wasn't terrible.

Loki was easy. Play aggressive and don't throw a special until you are close to the next power threshold (ie throw a sp2 when you are really close to a sp3). Otherwise he will drain your power and you will die. Very straightforward with Aegon.

Aegon wasn't bad. Used an Aegon ditto for this fight. You have -100% offensive AAR on you except during special attacks, so no unblockable or fury or true accuracy for the most part, however I still had access to the unstoppable and the fury off the heavies with Aegon, which allowed me to get some big damage in.

Invisible Woman sucked. Didn't have Nick so I had to slug through it with Aegon. You have to break the huge force field in order to actually deal damage, and on top of that there are constant power stings that had to be detonated before they stunned. A fairly expensive fight, bring Nick for the best time here.

Cull was the most enjoyable fight on the entire path. Bring Doom, bait his sp1, and spam your sp1 to nullify the buffs. Easy one shot.

And now, for the main event: the Unit Collector....
He was honestly.... not as terrible as I thought!
If you start the fight charging heavy with Aegon, you can get the fury and deal a huge chunk of damage before he smokes you. Watch out for his permanent tenacity and the immunities and unstoppable as his health drops. He also has universal class advantage so he has lots of evade and block damage. Spamming heavies with Aegon and hitting him with the massive furies is the best way to go for this fight, along with spending a lot of revives. Not surprisingly, it was the most expensive fight on the path, but I honestly thought that the fight would be worse.

The Cost
Spent about 1700 actual units (Had about 3600 units left, all of my units went into L2 single revives during the run)
Opened 100 of my free crystals throughout the run. Got a lot of small energy refills and potions but also snagged 5 L2 revives so that's a win.
Spent every single revive I had saved up, including from the compensation. Also spent 2 team revives.
Spent countless potions. I'll never know the exact number I spent that day.

The Rewards
T5CC crystal: Pulled a cosmic. Didn't have anyone to use it on at the time so I was a bit disappointed.
6* AG crystal: Nabbed a science gem. I already had one so I decided to just use it on thing for AW defense.
5* crystal: Popped it and got a symbiote supreme so that was nice. Probably won't take him up since I'm trying to focus on my 6* roster at the moment, but not a bad pull.
Two 6* basics: Pulled Venom and King Groot, so I'll consider that a win. Venom will probably go to R3 if I can't pull a good cosmic prestige champion in the near future.

Other pro tips:
1. Boost, boost, boost. This was one of the few times I decided to use boosts, and if you are going for a run, they are definitely nice to have.
2. DON'T SLEEP ON HEIMDALL. His cheat death saved my ass on several occasions, especially against the collector, so definitely consider bringing him for the easy path if you are going for a first clear soon.
3. Take breaks. When the fights aren't annoying, they are painfully tedious, so make sure you take some time away from the screen every once in a while. I just popped 30 minute boosters and grinded until they wore down, and then took a break, before throwing a fresh set of boosts on and repeating.
4. Don't worry too much about intercepting. You have infinite parries and the attack values aren't too crazy compared to stuff like act 6, so no need to worry about those compared to labyrinth.
5. Play well and try to stay alive as long as you can.

And that's it! Overall, the first path of Abyss isn't too terrible. There are annoyances, but it is mostly a case of just hitting the bosses until someone dies. The rewards were, at least for me, worth the effort, so if you have the right champions and units, it is honestly not a bad idea to smash the completion out.

Cheers everyone. Hoped this helped.
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