What part of the story quests should I be in?

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This is like @Cap45 thread.
This is my roster

What part of the story quests should I be in? 64 votes

ErcarretJohnyBoyHoitadoHoodie25Blaz3d_ 5 votes
JadedOliverJWMasterduxRagnabroDoctor_Strange19Unio77SearmenisUnitmanLemon_Man4413579rebel_ 10 votes
ThesurvivlistMaxtheSilentStaphMemberBuffBeastShock29sherin_66Wooptyfrickendoo 7 votes
VoltolosSanta_Psychedot_dittodangarang122IronGladiator22ScarXRouger4ScrubhanAce2319Draconic_12Thanos1149H4rold_of_Galactose 12 votes
Malreck04Titan41Silver_GooseHaptichorizon 4 votes
ColinJensen21KerneasRaichu626Stebo_79marino123 5 votes
danielmathThatGuyYouSaw235Newman0067GoddessIliasPin_the_AvengerPGT17Lucifer_666NimorAATTBerjibsMasterpuffRonSwansonAgent_X_zzzSkyLord7000odishika123Thanks_D19CrcrcrcChaosMax1012RiptideSHIELD4AGENTgroundedmaster20005 21 votes
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    You shouldn't be anywhere in particular. You should do what you like to do. I was just talking with someone who had about half of the r5 5*s I had and 3x the r3 6*s (but significantly fewer 6*s overall) and had come much further in the game (story content-wise) than I had, simply because we'd focused on different things.

    You should be in act 6 to challenge that roster but as for the rest, tackle it whenever you please.
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    I’m just gonna vote what position I would be in if I had that roster, and 6.3 seems about right. You have really good champs and skilled players could probably easily defeat the grandmaster with that, but I’m moderately skilled so I guess I’d be in the middle of 6.3 or something
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    Nice Guardian
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    Why show 4*??
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 2,028 ★★★★
    What part are you in now? Definitely A CAV attainable roster... Double doom, and apoc too! 💪

    R2 that Magneto and the sky is the limit.
  • WooptyfrickendooWooptyfrickendoo Posts: 184
    There are three things that go into beating story content.

    1. A good roster
    You clearly have that covered
    2. Some moderate amount of skill
    Idk if you have that.
    3. The want/time to complete the content
    This is the number one thing you need. You could have all the skill in the world and the best roster possible, but if you don't want to beat the content or don't have the time to complete it then you won't progress.

    If you wanted to right now you could go all the way to 7.2 with the roster you have. But you don't have to do that, take your time and follow your own pace. Enjoy the content (as much as you can cause act 6 kinda anyone) and progress at your own rate and by the time you get to 7.2 you will feel proud and accomplished. So take your time and have fun!
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    I'm starting 6.3 prob going to be pushing it now.
    Just beat the champion 3 weeks ago before I r5ed my stealthy. I have the resources to r5 2 more champs too.
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    6.2 or 6.2.6 although if 6.2 is correct then i also count 6.2.6 a win
  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,383 ★★★★★
    With a roster like this I wouldn't expect anything less than 6.3. 6.4 is highly probable and 7.1 is fairly likely. 7.2 idts but 7.1 yea
  • Lucifer_666Lucifer_666 Posts: 45
    You have specific champions to counter all the main problems of act 6...cap iw for champion ... SS for medusa....collosus for havok....red mag for Ironman iw and darkhawk.. everything is covered.....don't need anything for grandmaster yet you have prof X to counter inverted controls....just need units to finish everything....once act 6 is completed....act 7 was a quite easy ....so I think you can do 7.2 pretty easily, provided you have units!
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