Cloak of levitation

Was watching Dr Strange again. Remember how cloak of levitation saves Dr strange when Kaecilius attacks him first time in sanctum. Isn't this is kind of auto-block signature ability like Medusa has in mcoc? So if Kabam can add this to his sig ability then he will be powerful defender again. This is just my thought...any input is welcome


  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,526 ★★★★
    There's tons of cool stuff they could do for the game, I like this idea though.

    They could also have Iron Fist charge his Chi over time... Hulk Buster regen as he can fly in new parts if some are broken (his fight vs Hulk in the movie)

    Loads could be done for all champs.
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 407 ★★
    I like
  • PiviotPiviot Posts: 349 ★★
    Don't worry they gonna implement gears in the game, just gonna cost an arm and a leg to get and the champs gonna suck till you buy all the gear
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    yeah i really wish they would give the older champs some love and maybe slow down with the amount of characters they release each month until the older champs are up to par!
  • FivesFives Posts: 118 ★★
    Seatin mentioned in a video that kabam's planning on looking more at old champs early next year. It'd be cool if kabam took some player input when it comes to that.

    I think the biggest thing kabam needs to do in general is work on communication with players and connecting with them; this'd be one fantastic way to do it.
    I've thrown out a couple ideas to fix gambit and carnage in the past, and I've seen some amazing ideas from other players on how to buff old champions without making them overpowered, and simultaneously staying true to the character. I'd love it if kabam drew from us when it comes to tweaking characters.
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