Summoners, earlier today a notification for a Guardians of the Galaxy gift was delivered to some Summoners. This was done by accident, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

LF3 US or International 8.5K or higher prestige Gold2/Map5 AQ with mods LINE required

Lost a few guys to Platinum alliance upgrading. looking for 3. we have many US players but some International which I honestly feel helps clear AQ better. would love some west coast US or International players to round out the bgs some more.

we are mostly thronebreaker with a few cavalier players. we could do map 6 but no desire because we work and want to have a good work/life/game balance. Map 5 with mods gives plenty of glory. for war, we were gold 1 but had 2 losses then season ended early. we would love gold 1 when war is back.

Line ID Desiree616
Alliance tag BLOme
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