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My alliance is looking for one good player to run with us, 10k prestige and US/UK timezone preferred.
We run map 6 for 2 days a week minimum, often more depending on groups availability, otherwise it's map 5. Scoring 300mil+.

Wars are 2 bgs on rotation, so everyone plays and also gets regular breaks from it. We get gold 2 in around tier 5-6. Nothing too bad.

We are a friendly bunch, most of the group has been playing together for about 3 years. Quite understanding of peoe being busy and having work that comes first etc. Just be communicative.
Line is required, if you're interested, add me: eggest1


  • MaddocMaddoc Posts: 16
    I would be interested in joining your alliance, mine has disbanded for the most part. My in game name is MadDoc, my prestige is 10,763 and I live in the US. I attached a screen shot of my profile below. I can be reached by in game mail or on Line, my username is MadDoc#9443

  • MaddocMaddoc Posts: 16
  • eggesteggest Posts: 146
    Hey, we would be happy to have you. I added you in game. We all use Line (no way I'm going to get everyone to switch to Discord...) so you'll have to join us on there.
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