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Small request to kabam regarding sop this week

I get that you wanna make it challenging this time and despite the parry dex bug I could with some revives,clear all fights since week 5 when I became cav but this week after update I’m getting more severe issues of parry dex and slight lag and input delay too. My iPad is latest with update too and WiFi is alright. I just request to keep this week fight again afterwards too, considering majority of fight has to do with dexxing her special in reverse controls and also trying to avoid her from intercepting light, in light of more severe bugs,it’s hard. I soloed all previous fights but I’ve spent 400 units and 6 revives already and have nothing left just so it’s not a skill issue. If tried all,Namor,imm abom,torch,proxima, all get clapped by the bug
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