Which Champs are MUCH BETTER at R3 Sig0 6-Star than Sig 200 5-Star?

SoP is gonna give some of us 2x selectable T5CC. And we gotta figure what Class T5CCs to choose.

Which 6-Star Champs are actually worth making R3 Sig0, even if we already have them at Sig 200 R5 5-Star?

It's easy if the Champ is top tier AND also doesn't need Sig or to be awakened:
Doctor Doom
Human Torch

But what about Champs like Red Magneto? CMM? CGR? etc. Are these really worth the T5CC if they'd only be R3 sig0, and you have them at Sig 200 R5 5-Star? Or should the T5CC be saved or used on better targets?


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