What’s the highest health we can get?

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So prestige was hard and it turns out I’m really bad at maths. However health is a bit more simple, so what’s the most we can get?

Now first I have to consolidate on the definition of “health”. Everyone knows the most base HP points a champion can get is Sasquatch. Ok there post over problem solved we can all go home.


Health isn’t just how many HP points a champion has, it’s how many hits a champion can take. Regeneration is a part of a champions health, as are damage reductions and many other factors. That’s why for this post I’m going to be taking into account regeneration (I will cover how this is “measured” later), damage reductions, armour ratings boosts masteries you name it. I’ve done this kind of thread before but this one takes it to the next level, we’re using 6* R5s full boosts optimal masteries THE WORKS.

I’m going to say this now there are far too many champs in the game to do these equations on, that’s why when considering for this title I will only be looking at the top 7 most base HP champions (before I forget to mention all stats given are from auntm.ai and in game resources). These champions are (in no particular order)Sasquatch, Thanos, Mojo, Man-Thing, King Groot, iHulk and Apocalypse.

Starting at number 7 we have: Mojo

Mojo has a high base health of 63,718 as a 6* R5

Now here come the first set of calculations. He also has a base armour rating of 17.7% giving him an extra “health” of 11278. You can get up to 55% more health from greater boosts and that will take his health up by 35045 points. Factor in 8% from maxing out the greater health mastery you have another 5097 health (who said those masteries were terrible again?) which gets him up to a maximum total of 115138 health. However he has negative physical resistance which is very small but not a good trait. Now you may think that this is A LOT of health. Which it isn’t compared to what’s next.

Next we have the one and only MAN-THING

Man Thing has a decent base health of 67,619 at 6* R5

Now add on the masteries you get 5409 and put boosts on you’ve got another 37190. Add it all together you can get 110218. Less than mojo as he has 0 base armour rating however for man thing a HUGE damage reduction he gains is this

Now I can’t do the exact maths on how much value this damage reductions has, it’s hard to quantify as each champion has different crit ratings and crit damage ratings, however if we take the “average” crit rating of 25% and the “average” crit damage rating of 180% then you can say that 25% of opponents damage gains a 180% increase. Remove this increase you decrease their damage by 25% of 180 which is 45%. This would mean against champions with the right crit rating and crit damage man thing would have a “health” of 140646 however this isn’t garunteed against all champions. I will count it but it’s not a definitive measure.

Next is the one and only big daddy apocalypse

He has a base health of 63978

Masteries and boosts take that number up by a total of 40306. He does have a base armour rating of 25% though, giving him an extra 15995 “health”. Add it all up he can get up to 120279 health. Not a small amount for sure.

Oh wait I nearly forgot 2 things. 2 masteries, inequity and resonate. I’ve ignored them so far because the health pools haven’t been in the highest competition and quite frankly I’m far too lazy to do the extra 2 calculations for the others, however now we’re hitting big boi leagues.

Taking number 4 is The Mad Titan Thanos

I know I know I can already hear you “what? How?” Well here’s how.

Thanos has a low base health of 65,539

BUT. He has a high armour rating of 35%, put this the health mastery and the boosts together and we get ourselves 64228. Thanos unfortunately hasn’t for access to the maximum number of debuffs for inequity, in fact he only has access to heal block and stun, meaning a maximum practical redction from the mastery of 6%. Giving him only 3932 more health. His attacks are actually contact though, and maximum resonance will give him a weakness on physical hits of 13%, this will ALSO count as an inequity Debuff, giving him an increase of 13% and 12%, an additional 16385. The total now coming to 146151. But we are ignoring the most important part here. His sig ability.

At max sig a damage reduction on his opponent by 40%. That’s 26215 more health, add it onto our total and we now have 172366.

Numéro trois, the one and only King Groot

King Groot has a base health of 68140

Adding boosts masteries and a base armour rating of 25% you get yourself a hefty bonus health of 59963. Now king Groot also gains a thing called regen based on his signature level. I’m going to measure regen by “amount of health regened per minute”. Now king Groot has a base of 12921 at sig 200 5/65 over 13 seconds, with a 13 second cool down. Factor in the recovery mastery at max rank giving 15% you have a grand total of 14859 over 26 seconds or 571.5 health per tick. Multiply by 60 that’s 34290 extra health. Put it all together you have 162393. Oh and then the inequity and resonate. 13% and 36% will get us an extra 33389, boom that’s now 195781. NEARLY 200K!

Number 2? Well that’s Sasquatch.

Base health of 75422
Boosts masteries and all that funky stuff give us 160094 total health. But Sasquatch has a trick under his sleeve. His regeneration.

Now at max sig getting hit it’s a 70% chance to trigger, which means it’s likely that Sasquatch will have 3 of these regents on him at once. Recovery would give an extra 15% to the 5% which is about 0.75% of a health point, meaning 3 at once is regenerating 17.25% health per 20 seconds. Using the minute regen rule we can get 3 lots of these 17.25%s which is 51.75, AKA, A LOT OF HEALTH. Now this sclera with base health and thus, boosts. With the full boosts on Sasquatch has 116904 base health, 51.75% of this being 60498 health. Add to the total and it’s coming up to 220592 health.

But that’s not the most

Number 1 and living up to his name it is, the immortal hulk.

I mean who else could it have been. Base health of 73,341

Put on the boosts masteries and armour rating we have an equation that looks like 73341 + 40338 + 5867 + 26403 (iHulk gets maximum bonus from inequity thanks to his suppression debuffs which can go up to 14) + 15401 (base armour rating) which = 161350. A lot of health but less than Thanos at number 4, however iHulk has a trick up his sleeve, he can regenerate a lot. After I immortality he consumes all Gamma Radiation to regenerate. Now his gamma radiation reaches maximum at 100% health, meaning in theory if he built enough gamma up from taking hits, passive degen, rage attacks and his L3 he can die and come back to life over and over again effectively granting him infinite health. But this has a long cool down of 50 seconds which means it can trigger twice in one minute which means we can count 2 of these regenerations in our 1 minute rule (if we trigger one almost instantly and then the next at 50 seconds within the minute timer from the start of regenerating. I’m not sure if it’s practical to rely on something killing you in the short window between 50 and 60 seconds but it’s possible and doesn’t violate the rules) so we can count 100% of the Hulks health being regenerated twice, which gives us a collosal 484050 health. More than double that of Sasquatch even with Sasquatch’s regen taken into account.


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    Sasquatch or Bust
  • HoitadoHoitado Posts: 3,216 ★★★★★
    Also doesn’t Sasquatch reduce Damage?
  • CharlesThe69thCharlesThe69th Posts: 28
    Wrong. You forgot about the lesser health masteries that give a minuscule amount of health per point.

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    My Apocalypse
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 1,163 ★★★★
    I mean, I feel like if you are going on the premise that health can include regeneration, then just looking at the top 7 hp champs is a bit ridiculous. You’d have to look at the top regen champs (Wolvie anyone?), and champs with abilities like Nick Fury’s LMD phase. This has been done on a previous post, and the numbers just get a bit ridiculous. Health isn’t really a solid and defined stat anyways so I don’t quite know how useful it is as a benchmark.

    Nonetheless, for the effort you put into this, here’s a like.
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    My Apocalypse

    Still about 4000 health lower than my R3 iHulk.
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    I think King Groot wins the Health race if you do want to factor in Regen since his regen among the list you stated is the easiest to have up and heals about 22% per cycle with 3/3 Recovery.

    Unlike Sasquatch who NEEDS to be below 40% health and lets be real here, being below 40% can still get you killed from attacks even with a high health pool, KG doesn't have a health level requirement plus I find it odd you didn't even mention KG's SP3 regen which is a huge burst of regen if you need even more to just keep him going. As a R3 the regen from his SP3 ticks for around 950 as is and if you have a Fury then it last 4.5 seconds which is a nice ability to have for an already regen god of a champ.

    Ihulk to me is such a "Tank Limbo" type champ where yes, is has a ton of health and he is a tank and his immortality keeps him alive BUT, the dude straight up uses his massive health pool offensively as well which to me is a big negative. Yeah you can play fast a while when his immortality is not on cooldown but that 50 seconds cooldown you need to play him as if he isn't a tank and can die from things like normal champs. KG doesn't have this weakness and he doesn't require you to play differently for the most part.

    Plus technically if you wanna add in damage reduction overall wouldn't Killmonger beat all these champs? His indestructible charges are the most reliable ones in game and the easiest to get even above Luke Cage (from his SP2 and synergies) meaning he can tank SP3s infinitely with no issues. Out of all the champs in game, Killmonger can see the most 0 damage vs enemies above most champs. If you throw in Void and high debuff situations then he also have amazing regen to boot (Icarus, energy absorption, etc paths are a joke to Km + Void).
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    Remember as well that with willpower/healing nodes and even health potions, I-hulk can be on 100 gamma and 100% health. Giving him (based on my unboosted R3) 114k health total.
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