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Why doesn't the soul boost to block Regen work in master quest?

KhanMedinaKhanMedina Posts: 927 ★★★
Mephisto keeps healing even though I used the heal reverse boost. I thought this would reverse heals like Guillys s2 or at least heal block, but it doesn't do anything. I've tried this on iPhone 6+ and Samsung Galaxy but same issue.


  • Anonymous346Anonymous346 Posts: 661 ★★★
    edited October 2017
    It does work, it's just that it's on a timer so it goes on and off periodically

    It only blocks the healing, it can't reverse it (nor can guilly's sp2) as he goes into a state where he can't take damage when he activates his healing

    You just have to make sure the heal reversal in on at the time when you push him below the 30% boundary
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,968 ★★★★
    It has a timer, so sometimes wont stop it. Also, mephisto has something where healing won't reverse. but the boost can stop it dead which helps
  • BinawayawhileBinawayawhile Posts: 287
    if Mephisto has more than 1 soul, the heal reverse will only stop one of them, not all.
  • Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 709 ★★★
    I just had an issue where incinerate did not affect him. He was about half health with no aura active. Is this a bug? No where does it say he is immune to incinerate.
  • TxstudTxstud Posts: 16
    He is immune to incinerate
  • Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 709 ★★★
    Txstud wrote: »
    He is immune to incinerate

    Where does it say that. It would make sense but it is not listed anywhere on the node or his abilities.
  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 358 ★★★
  • Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 709 ★★★
    Ah, used to seeing an immunity listed as immune to... Thanks.
  • Crimson8399Crimson8399 Posts: 709 ★★★
    Although why would it be listed like that. Incinerate is different to energy damage right?
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    It worked for me every time.
    I used the boost that gives health steal when over 75% to get him down to just over 16k health then quit the fight.
    Replace that boost with the spectre boost and go back in, the fight starts with the timer on and in a few hits he's down enough to regen but the timer is on so he doesn't regen.

    I only had a little trouble with his regen in the first fight, once I did the above method he didn't regen at all and it was a relatively easy boss fight.
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★
    Although why would it be listed like that. Incinerate is different to energy damage right?

    Hyperion's sp1 eye lasers dot are incinerate energy damage.
    Storm's sp1 lightning dot are shock energy damage.

    Mephisto is immune to, and gains power from, the first one. He is not immune to the second one.
  • KhanMedinaKhanMedina Posts: 927 ★★★
    if Mephisto has more than 1 soul, the heal reverse will only stop one of them, not all.

    I think this may have been the issue. Thanks.
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