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Kabam Requesting You a Few Additions Overall

AntzRodzAntzRodz Posts: 257 ★★
edited August 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
Hello Kabam .. here are few points that I would love add in the game
1). ISOs -
ISOs are one of the least available resources in the game especially when u start ranking up 6* champs.. Duping a 4* gives us 24 Tier 5 ISOs which equals to the duping of a 5* and 6* champs.. why not increase the number of ISOs of duping 5* and 6* and also the Tier of duping a 6* thats
4* - 24 Tier 5 Iso's
5* - 36 Tier 5 Iso's or 24 Tier 6 Iso's
6* - 48 Tier 5 Iso's or 36 Tier 6 Iso's
With taking into account how large the levelling/ranking up of 6* champ's are...

2). GOLD
Gold is another issue to many as ranking up champ's requires alot of gold..
- It would be greatful to increase the amount of gold in UC and Cavalier difficulty to some level on each path including fights won.
- Increase the amount of gold while Duping of champ's which gives us some amount of but is pretty less...
- We could also have a gold event like the Golden circle run once a month for UC/Cav and Up.
- Arena Battlechip exchange gold/unit's.. gold for per basic crystal is very less.. I understand that we do have UC and TB Arena crystals but it's a bit expensive to whatever u get in return as compared to the basic Arena crystals and also it depends on ur luck to get a good amount of units or may it be gold..

3). Tier 5 Basic & Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst
Almost from the start of the game we are having tier 4 basic and tier 1 alpha arenas once every 8 days .. with the introductions 6* r4 materials plus the amount of tier 5 basic needed to rank up a single Champ from 1 to 3 requires 7 tier 5 basic and 15 tier 2 Alpha cats.. which like an active player completing 100% Cavalier & uncollected EQ plus 270mil per week AQ scores it takes a nearly a month to r3 a single Champ if u have a ful Tier 5 CC and starting the other resources from 0..... But also to mention that these Arenas should be available to uncollected and up or cavalier and up whichever is better in ur opinion.
4). Inventory
Would love to increase the limit on inventory on items like health pots, Glory, revives and few More... As we do buy some good offer's or farm them to use them wisely but sometimes they do expire if we are unable to play due to some Reasons for certain period of time.. depending on the progression level of a summoner please increase the inventory limit as well..
Thank You...🙂
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