Mace to the face

Hi there,
I recently played this arena and scored about 1.2m. When it ended, I received a message that I scored on top 11-25% but I didn't receive my reward. Can anybody please fix this glitch?


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    Hey rifle100, I'm sorry to hear about this missing reward! Many times when there's a message in your inbox with your prizes and it's blank, this usually means that the rewards were claimed directly from your Stash under the Rewards tab. This then makes the message in the inbox contain no items, because they're already in your inventory.

    If you're absolutely sure that this isn't the case, your best bet would be to write a ticket to the Support Team, as we can't handle account specific issues here on the forums.

    With that being said, because this would require their assistance and the best answer has been provided, this particular thread will be closed.
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