Seasons of Pain…?

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I thought the Summer of Pain event was cool. Some fun and enjoyable challenges. Not outrageously difficult, but still tough enough to be a taxing bit of content that tested the skills. The single boss fight with increased health pool and nodes, but not too much of a long fight that you get super annoyed like one of the 5 mil health pool Abyss fights for example. Great rewards too so nice bonus there. Only down side for me, was the length of time the event ran for before the rewards were released. (Or ‘are released’ **at the time of writing this post lol)
Any chance Kabam has thought about continuing this type of content, running it a few times a year..? A Seasons Of Pain maybe..? Like a similar structured piece of content, maybe make it a shorter event before rewards are dished out… could make it a seasonal type event? Winter of Pain etc…


  • HeterminusHeterminus Posts: 80
    I haven't seen any announcement from kabam about it maybe it's canceled lol
  • Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 2,141 ★★★★★
    I've been hoping to see the game adopt some kind of seasonal late/end-game content for a long time now. There are so many cool directions they could go with it. SoP is a good first outing with the style of it, I'd love to see more down the line.
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    I would totally support them putting the quests available permanently in the special quests section with like, decentish awards (maybe like 1k 6* shards per quest and then 1k 6* shards for completion and a 25% T5CC selector for exploration for the big one), rewards not being the point but justifying replaying it.
  • HudsonmanHudsonman Posts: 52
    Would be awesome-but let's be real-they initially announced summer of pain for 2020 and delayed it a full year. They just decreased champion buffs from 3 to 2 and a couple months ago the last dev diary announced lowering of goal from 4 variants a year to 3. I would absolutely love what you suggested but it's never going to happen.
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