Alliance War Season 28 Update (August 17, 2021)

Greetings Summoners,

With Alliance War Season 28 starting tomorrow, we wanted to help players get ramped up for AW again. Though we are still committed to making ongoing improvements to the feel of controls, we know that v32.1.1 is still relatively new and is just the first step in the right direction.

We also know that players have had slightly more downtime between Seasons than usual and may not have been able to build up their resources for the Season like they are used to. In order to welcome Alliances back to War and help players get back into the swing of things, we’ll be sending out a few bundles of resources throughout the Season that should be helpful to you.

Additionally, due to some issues with Tactics found during our testing, we’re going to be disabling Attack and Defense Tactics for this Season.

These changes and the first bundle of items will be implemented with the start of the Season, so keep an eye on your inbox in game for the message with these items attached.
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