Help me choose the class nexus

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Should I go for the mutant and try duping one of them, or get apoc (don’t have as a five star), tech for duping ghost or warlock or get another class?
Most highly sought champs for me are Torch, Aegon, ibom and AA whom I don’t have as a 5 star.
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    TheCaptain412TheCaptain412 Posts: 337 ★★★
    Can’t really go wrong with Mutant, as there are so many strong champs in that class that you are pretty much going to get someone good (unless you have my RNG luck, in which case you would see Red Cyke, Beast, and Nightcrawler).

    Science would be too risky for my tastes. The top-end is really good and you are hoping for two of them, but it isn’t nearly as wide as Mutant or Skill, and there is a lot of “meh, or worse” in the class that could show up in all three spots.
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